We all long to keep in better touch with the people in our lives, give encouragement, send thanks, share thoughts and joys…on special days and everydays…

…and Small Meadow Post offers a simple, quick, inexpensive, earth-conscious way to do so.

Online postcards sent with just a few clicks…to brighten someone’s day…celebrate a birthday…express your thanks…share a love of books or nature…the possibilities are rather endless, at least that is how I feel as I design each postcard, from my heart.

“And just let me say that I love The Post!

You keep posting such sumptuous cards that are perfect.

You’ve formed a unique niche, Lesley!”

-Nancy Kelly

Small Meadow Post  is both your e-card shop and your online postal service.


You simply choose a postcard that expresses your sentiment, enter the name and email address of your recipient, a short message (or long if you prefer), add a “stamp”, if you like…


…preview and send on its way. Your recipient receives a pleasant message in their inbox that they have a Small Meadow Post e-greeting awaiting them with one click, and it includes your name and email address so they may click with trust (and lovely anticipation!)

This little film show you how convenient it is to use…

So…why e-cards?

-What I have found is that there are numerous, small opportunities to express love or encouragement or just “thinking of you” that don’t get brought into being, because it takes much time or effort for us to often manage. Small Meadow Post makes it easy to honor those good intentions.

-A lovely benefit is that you can send unlimited greetings with no cost to the trees of our planet.

-A subscription brings you a year’s worth of greetings for only $14.00.

-New e-postcards every month

For more details, please explore the about page, glimpse the cards, or join right away by clicking here.


You are just a few clicks away from sending your first missive!